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The Gin Factory

The Gin Factory is a premium gin which is infused with Rosemary which creates a unique and very pleasant gin that is perfect for every occasion. A very versatile gin that is great served over ice or as the key ingredient for cocktails.

Using only the finest natural ingredients our Master Distiller has created a unique finely balanced flavour. The use of Rosemary in the distillation process produces a fragrant & aromatic flavour adding depth to the juniper berries.

  • Well rounded with notes of fresh, fragrant herbs and a hint of pine.
  • A smooth juniper gin with a distinctive sweetness, developing into notes of rosemary and mint.
  • Velvety smooth with delicate aromatic & floral notes.
  • 43.8%
  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Finish
  • Strength

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